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Technical Information

Quality Assurance

1.1 Installer shall have at least five (5) years proven experience in the related field and approved by product manufacturer

1.2 Golf path will only be installed when temperatures exceed 5 degrees C. Installation during dry weather conditions is recommended.

1.3 Golf path will require a minimum of 24-48 hours for curing period.

1.4 Golf path installed by Synthetic Golf Surfaces, Oakville Ontario L6M-3K7Div. of Fortco Limited.


2.1 STANDARD COLORS: Terra Cotta, Forest Green, Black

2.2 FORTKOTE COLORS: Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Beige and Grey (U.V. Stable). Speckled colors at a 10% and 50% ratio available. Custom logo and borders available.

2.3 100% Recycled Rubber Products

Installation - Base Preparation

3.1 Golf path can be installed on granular, asphalt or concrete surfaces.

3.2 When using a granular base, a minimum of 25mm to 100mm depth is required, compacted to a 95% proctor density. A water percolation rate of 60 litres/M2/hour. Should the rate be less, a French drain must be installed to provide adequate water flow. A geotextile between the granular base and surface is required. (Terrafix 200R)

3.3 Granular, asphalt or concrete surfaces require of no less than 2% to drain, acknowledging that Golf Path is a water permeable surface.

3.4 Structural re-enforcement geogrid is positioned and installed over sub-base, overlap all seams and fastened by an anchoring system.

3.5 Base can be sloped up to 60 degrees within the installation area.

Thickness of Poured-In-Place

4.1 Thickness of the Golf Path surface will be 35mm to 50mm (1.5" to 2")

4.2 Polyurethane binder shall be mixed throughout the entire thickness

4.3 Beveled edge is installed on both sides (2', 4', 6' widths) of the installation running from the thickness of the surface down to the base. The outside line of the bevel must be clear and follow the designed edge of the installation.


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